3 Reasons I Fell in Love with Fitness

I think everyone has their own motivation to exercise.  When I first got into fitness a few years ago, my motivation was strictly to lose weight.  I literally cared about nothing else.  I wanted to lose weight at whatever cost necessary.  I think a lot of people start for this reason.  And while this is not a bad reason to start exercising, I think it has to evolve over time.

I remember my early days at the gym.  I hated working out. Period.  There was nothing that I considered enjoyable about it.  I dreaded going to the gym, but I kept going.  I’m so glad I did because over time, I grew to like it.  I tried new things, challenged myself, and genuinely grew to enjoy working out.  I’ll be honest, it probably took me a few months to get to that point.  But by that time, I started to see some results from my labor and started feeling better in general.  I had more energy.  I was stronger.  I was also losing weight.  This motivated me to keep going.

Fast forward a few years to the present, and I can’t imagine not working out.  However, my reasons are much different now.  I no longer look at exercise as something I have to do to lose weight.  Obviously, exercise helps with weight maintenance but that’s no longer my focus, and honestly, I’m really happy about that.  I love my body now, and I’m in love with all that it’s capable of doing.

I have so many reasons that I enjoy exercising these days.  But here are just three of the reasons that I love it:

1) It’s fun!

Fitness can be so fun and so rewarding.  I think the key is to find something that you really enjoy doing.  And to be honest, you don’t have to just do one thing.  It can be a bunch of different activities…yoga, strength training, CrossFit, running, hiking, swimming, etc.  The list could go on forever.

Another thing that has been really fun for me is finding a dope crew to workout with.  I love my lifting buddies.  We challenge either, cheer each other on, and laugh together.  It’s makes my time at the gym super enjoyable.  I also find it really cool to have an amazing tribe of women to lift with.  It’s kind of the best.


2) It’s good for you!

There’s so many health benefits to working out, and I’m not at all referring to weight maintenance here (although I guess that’s good too).  When you work out, your body produces endorphins which trigger positive feelings in your body, helps you relax and sleep better, and also helps to reduce the perception of pain.

Exercise is also great for cardiovascular health, increases your energy, lowers your blood pressures, increases bone strength, and makes you feel healthier overall.  It’s also an excellent way to destress.  I normally work out in the morning but if I’m feeling stressed at the end of the day, I take 30 minutes and take a leisure walk.  It’s amazing how much it does for me.  I feel so much better and more relaxed afterwards.

3) I love the challenge!

Exercise challenged me from the day I start working out.  When I first starting working out, I hired a personal trainer and let me tell you, it was incredibly challenging.  I had never lifted weights before and hadn’t even done body weight movements like pushups in years. But I fell in love with the challenge.  My fitness has evolved over the years, and I have in dabbled in all sorts of activities.  When I was first introduced to powerlifting, I fell in love instantly because I loved the challenge of learning new movements and challenging myself to put more weight on the bar and lift heavier.  The challenge, the accomplishments, and the strength gained have all built my confidence, both in the gym and outside the gym.

I may have started my fitness journey with the sole purpose of losing weight but it’s so much more than that now.  I do it because I love myself.  I do it because I only get one body, and I love it.  I do it because it makes me happier, healthier, and to be completely honest, it’s just part of who I am now.

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