3 Ways to Get Back on Track

Have you ever felt like you have fallen completely off track?  And you don’t even know when or how it happened.  It could be in regards to anything….your nutrition, your fitness routine, a relationship perhaps.  It can leave you feeling completely at a loss and overwhelmed.  You wonder how you lost so much progress and regressed so far.  It could even cause you to feel a little defeated.

We all struggle in life sometimes.  Progress is not linear.  It would be cool if we could slide through life always progressing and never taking any steps backwards or having any struggles.  However, life never works that way.  Life is challenging, and getting off track is surprisingly easy if we’re honest about it.

Let’s take exercise for example.  You have a busy week that leaves you exhausted and you decide to skip the gym a couple of days.  Not a big deal.  Life happens and you have to adjust sometimes.  But you continue to do that and after 3 weeks, you realize you haven’t been to the gym at all.  You know you need to get back at it but now you’re out of the habit and sitting on the couch feels and seems easier than hitting the gym after a long day.

The same thing could apply to your nutrition.  I’m a stickler for the moderation approach.  I don’t believe any foods are “off limits.”   However, I do believe in prioritizing lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats.  But, I’ll never tell myself that I can’t eat the occasional piece of chocolate or enjoy some ice cream or gelato.  But in complete transparency, I’ll admit that I’ve been off track with my nutrition lately.  And actually, probably over the last few months if I’m being totally honest.  It happened the same way I described above.  It happened slowly and progressively and I really didn’t notice it too much.  Until suddenly, I looked up and wondered how in the world had I gotten so off track?

But here’s the good news.  It’s never too late to change things around.  Today is a new day and you can decide to make changes and get yourself back on track.

I always try to remember the following three things when I find myself in a rut:

1) Be grateful.

I always remember to be appreciative and be thankful for all the positive things in my life instead of focusing solely on what isn’t going so great.  This really helps put things in perspective because I have tons of things to be grateful for.  It might be a little off in my nutrition but other things in my life are going awesome.  Always focus on the positive aspects of your life.

2) Give yourself a break.

We all mess up sometimes.  Don’t beat yourself up because of your shortcomings.  Beating myself up has never made me feel any better or motivated to change.  Being honest with the fact that you’re in a rut, realize that it’s not the end of the world, and decide to move on!

3) Commit to taking positive steps in the right decision.

No matter what you need to repair in your life, whether it be your relationship with food, a relationship with a friend or significant other, or getting back on track with your fitness routine, make the decision to improve it.  Once you make the decision, take steps in the right direction to get things back on track.  If you fell off your fitness routine, commit to getting in a 30 minute workout at least 3 times this week or to taking a 30 minute leisure walk 3-4 times this week.  The important thing is that you pick an action that will help you get back in motion and develop habits to get you back on track.

Remember, struggling is a part of life.  It’s ok to struggle…just keep fighting!

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