Workout Wednesday- Glute Gainz

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  It’s Wednesday and it’s Hump day so I’m bringing you another workout focused on building those lovely glutes. While building strong, perky glutes to fill out your jeans is pretty cool, I consider that just an added bonus.  The … Continued

Workout Wednesday- Boulder Shoulders

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I destroyed chest, back, and shoulders (a little bit of other stuff thrown in too) this morning (plus a little cardio) and let me just tell you, my shoulders are feeling it already! In all honestly, training upper body has … Continued

Stop Competing and Start Collaborating

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I would like to take a minute to call BS on something that I’ve been seeing floating around on fitspo memes and even on t-shirts.  It’s the quote “you can’t squat with us.” What’s up with that?  It’s like being … Continued

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