Workout Wednesday- Glute Gainz

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  It’s Wednesday and it’s Hump day so I’m bringing you another workout focused on building those lovely glutes. While building strong, perky glutes to fill out your jeans is pretty cool, I consider that just an added bonus.  The … Continued

Workout Wednesday- Boulder Shoulders

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I destroyed chest, back, and shoulders (a little bit of other stuff thrown in too) this morning (plus a little cardio) and let me just tell you, my shoulders are feeling it already! In all honestly, training upper body has … Continued

Let’s talk fat loss!

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There are many times of the year where you hear people wanting to focus on fat loss.  Of course, there always the New Years’ Resolutions in January but another really popular time is spring because people want to shred a … Continued

3 Ways to Get Back on Track

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Have you ever felt like you have fallen completely off track?  And you don’t even know when or how it happened.  It could be in regards to anything….your nutrition, your fitness routine, a relationship perhaps.  It can leave you feeling completely … Continued

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