You Never Have to Apologize for Your Body

You never have to apologize for your body.

Thick thighs

Thighs that don’t touch

Wide hips

Narrow hips

Big boobs

Original member of the itty, bitty, titty committee

Long Hair

Short hair, don’t care

Sculpted and lean

Juicy and round (and everything in between)

Big booty Judys

Team little booties need love too

Naturally curly and dope

Pressed, permed, and dyed

Your body is not an ornament or decoration for consumption.

You owe no one an explanation.

You don’t need to wait until you “fix” or “change” anything to walk into every room with confidence — like you own the place.

Confidence is an inside job.

Always hold your head high, Queen.

Sincerely — your favorite #BlackUnicorn


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