Workout Wednesday:  The Glute Edition

Workout Wednesday: The Glute Edition

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A few months back I happened to be in Nashville for business and got the pleasure to meet up with fellow fitness and nutrition coach (@caseylbergh) whom I originally connected with through Instagram.  She has the glutes of a goddess, and I was anxious to train with her in person.  I, of course, begged her to put together a glute hypertrophy workout for us to do (because, well, check out her glutes), and she graciously agreed.

I asked her for a tough one, and she did did not disappoint.  The workout literally kicked my ass!  When I woke up the next day my glutes were SO sore which made the 9-hour drive back to Milwaukee memorable LOL.

Anyways, this Saturday, I recalled this workout and decided to do it again following my deadlifts.  I generally train for a little longer on Saturday mornings because I have the time, and I love to get in a good glute workout.

Once again, this workout did NOT disappoint!!

Here’s the workout:

45 degree hypers: 50 pound dumbbell hypers superset with banded hypers (red band); 10 reps of each for 3 sets (pictured below).

Smith machine hip thrusts: 295 pounds 4×12-15 reps (this is what I could manage; when we originally did this workout Casey was easily banging out 20 reps; the important thing here is to use a weight that is manageable for you to do 12-15 reps with good form even if that’s just body weight) (pictured below).

Trap bar dead lifts: 185 pounds 4×10 reps (pictured below).

Dumbbell stiff leg dead lifts: 50 pound dumbbells 3×10-12 reps with a slow controlled tempo focusing on glute activation (pictured below).

Dumbbell stationary lunges: 45 lb dumbbells 3×10 each leg.

Cable kick-backs/Bulgarian split squat superset: 20 reps of cable kickbacks super set with 10-15 body weight Bulgarian split squats. (We completed the entire super set on one leg and then switched to the other leg for a total of 3 sets).

This workout is a tough one.  I listed the weights we used but you can and should modify the workout based on your fitness and strength level.  For all the exercises listed above, you should use a weight that is manageable for you, and if you aren’t familiar or comfortable with a certain movement, I definitely recommend starting out lighter weight or maybe even just body weight.  Just focus on squeezing your glutes throughout the movements.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!!

glute pic 1glute pic 2glute pic 3glute pic 4glute pic 5

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