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"Chrissy King has been a thought leader in the space of Social Justice, Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion long before these values became “buzzwords”. A mentor recommended her work and after reading a few of the many articles she had written I immediately signed up for her 101 Anti-Racism Crash Course. And what an incredible eye-opening and educational experience that was. I left the training feeling empowered but also held accountable. Her course brought massive awareness to the impact/influence of bias in my personal and professional life, and taught me tools I use on a daily basis to address my own bias. The Crash Course had such an impact on me that I had to make a commitment of having my team and Board of Directors go through the same training. Through two-day sessions, one focused on Anti-Racism and the second one on Diversity and Inclusion, our Board of Directors and employees are since then actively educating themselves on the issues, are more aware and aligned around the fact that Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion work is a daily practice, an ongoing work. At the end of the day, Chrissy’s sessions are more than Anti-Racism and Diversity training, they are also about how to build an extraordinary team where people are and feel valued, and equips leaders to get the best out of every individual on their team. I’d urge anyone to experience the 101 Anti-Racism Crash Course, and everyone that manages or might manage people should consult with Chrissy!"
Leticia Reyes
Co-Founder & CEO 109 World
Chrissy is pure magic. She's a dynamic speaker with an important message for the entire fitness and wellness community. Our attendees told me repeatedly how much her message changed their approach to their relationship with their own body and well being. The energy and level of engagement that Chrissy commands is on another level. She speaks and presents in a way that is useful, inspiring, and insightful while providing immediate tools to implement in your own life.
Allison Tenney

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