I’m a Personal Trainer but Here’s Why You’ll Never Hear Me Say ‘New Year, New You’

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As we get further into the new year, the messages about “losing the holiday pounds” and “new year, new you” are probably coming at you from every direction. In fact, the messages probably started flooding in before the new year even arrived. The pressure to make a list of resolutions and create a new you is high. I call this the hustle for worthiness—basically it’s the idea that if we put all our effort into accomplishing certain goals, we will be worthier or more deserving of happiness. And thanks to the pervasiveness of diet culture, much of the time these goals are about changing our bodies, losing weight, or eating in a certain way (in an effort to change our bodies).

As a strength coach and trainer, I empower my clients to focus less of their mental energy on shrinking their bodies and to start taking up space, literally and figuratively. As such, a lot of work with my clients involves healing their relationships with their bodies and improving their body image. My goal for each of my clients and for anyone who comes across my work is that their relationship with fitness and nutrition be one that allows them to feel strong and capable and, most importantly, comfortable and confident in their skin. Fitness is not about a certain look, size, or physique. Although diet culture would prefer us to focus our energy on “fixing” our bodies and chasing restriction and perfection, instead of living fulfilling and purposeful lives, I encourage my clients to embrace their bodies and to engage in physical activity that allows them to feel nourished, energized, and powerful.


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