A 12 week powerlifting and conditioning program to get you strong AF and conditioned AF.

Lift Heavy.  Get Stronger.  Change your physique.

Increase Your Conditioning.

#PowerConditioning includes 18 powerlifting workouts, 12 fifteen minute conditioning circuits, 6 barbell complexes, and 16 metabolic finishers designed to help you get stronger, get leaner, and increase your conditioning.

#PowerConditioning is the perfect mix of powerlifting (to get you StrongAF) and conditioning so you can run a mile (or two) if necessary.  I mean I’m not signing up for any running in the near future, but in the event that I’m in a situation (like the zombie apocalypse), I like to think I’d be equipped to handle the situation.
There’s a common misconception that if someone wants to powerlift, they will automatically gain weight or get bulky.  That’s simply not true. In fact, when I started learning these lifts and training consistently, I actually lost weight, got leaner, AND got stronger.

I made #PowerConditioning for women who want to learn or improve their powerlifting game but also want to maintain their cardio conditioning, which is why the weekly 15-minute weekly conditioning circuits and cardio finishers tacked on to the end of the workouts are key.
I know powerlifting can seem intimidating if you have never done it, and I hear from women all the time that they want to learn but just don’t know where to start, and that’s exactly why I created #PowerConditioning; to give beginner to intermediate lifters everything they need to get started with or improve upon their powerlifting.  I’ve included video tutorials on the exact form for the each of the big three lifts (bench, squat, and deadlift) and plenty of support on how to get started with the workouts.

Hi I’m Chrissy!

One of the coolest things I’ve done in my health and fitness journey is getting strong AF.
When I first stepped into the gym a few years ago, I couldn’t do a single push up.  I joined the gym initially because I wanted to lose weight but I stayed because I fell in love with strength.
I never imaged that I would be squatting, deadlifting, and benching on a regular basis.  I actually didn’t even know what powerlifting was when I first got started.  I also didn’t realize how beneficial lifting weights is for women.
I had this misconception that lifting weights would make me big and bulky, but over time I realized that simply isn’t true. Powerlifting allowed me change my physique, get leaner, and add some nice curves.
I can now squat and deadlift over 300 pounds, but I didn’t start out that way.  My journey to getting stronger was intentional, and I got stronger with time, consistency, patience, and practice.
If you have never powerlifted before, you may find it intimidating, but it’s actually really freaking fun and empowering!  I have never felt as strong and confident in my life until I started lifting heavy weights.
I’m on a mission to share my passion for powerlifting with as many women as possible and that’s exactly why I created this program.

What’s Included in #PowerConditioning?


  • 18 Powerlifting workouts focused on the big three (bench, squat, and deadlift)
  • 12 Fifteen minute conditioning circuits
  • 6 Barbell complexes
  • 16 Conditioning finishers
  • 12 Week programming calendar so you know exactly what to do each week (zero guesswork)
  • Video demos for all exercises
  • Videos and tips on perfecting your squat, bench, and deadlift

Who is #PowerConditioning For?

  • #PowerConditioning is for anyone who is interested in powerlifting, getting stronger, improving their cardio conditioning, and lifting heavy weights.
  • It’s for beginner to intermediate lifters.  All the workouts can be scaled to any strength and fitness level.
  • It’s for anyone who is looking to develop their skills, add in some variety to their workouts, and challenge themselves.
  • #PowerConditioning is for anyone who wants to shift their mindset from focusing on the number on the scale to focusing on what their body can do.


Who is #PowerConditioning Not For?

  • This program is not for poeple who aren’t willing to commit to 1 hour of training a few days a week.  This might seem like a lot, but the outcomes speak for themselves.
  • #PowerConditioning isn’t for people who aren’t looking to lift heavy weight or complete challenging workouts.
  • This program isn’t for people who have never exercised before.  If you are brand new to exercise, I recommend starting with an in-person trainer to get comfortable with lifting first.
  • #PowerConditioning isn’t for people who aren’t willing to put time and effort into their workouts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do I Need?

All of the workouts require a barbell, dumbells, and a bench.  A majority of the accessory work also requires some gym equipment. I recommend access to a full gym for the program.  However, if you train at home and have access to a barbell, dumbbells, and a bench, you can get creative and modify some of the other movements. You will also need access to a some type of cardio equipment for selected cardio finishers (treadmill, rower, or airdyne bike, etc).

What Format do the workouts come in?

The program is delivered in PDF format with links to accompanying video tutorials for all lifting movements.

What if I’ve never powerlifted before?

This program is designed for beginner to intermediate lifters.  Even if you have never powerlifted before, this program is suitable for you.  You are free to adjust the weights as needed to meet your level of strength.  Additionally, there are video tutorials of all movements along with tips to a successful bench, squat, and deadlift.

What if I can’t train 5 days a week?

Although the program is 5 days a week, two of the days include a barbell circuit and a conditioning circuit.  You can opt out of either of those if you feel you need additional time for recovery.

Is there any coaching that goes along with this?

This is a DIY program.  There is no coaching that goes along with the program.  However, I have included everything that I think is necessary for you to be successful on this program.

How is the program delivered?

Once you purchase the program, you will be taken to a thank you page where you will need to ‘opt in’ by adding your name and email address.  Once you enter your name and email, you will get receive your digital copy of #PowerConditioning, along with links to the video demonstrations within a few minutes (be sure to check your junk email folder.   If you have any questions about the product or experience technical difficulties, please email me.  

Here’s What People Are Saying!

“Chrissy, I wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I LOVE your PowerConditioning program!  I’m 4 weeks in and already seeing so much improvement in myself!  I was always a “cardio bunny” who hated strength training– I’m a runner and I also teach a couple of Spin classes each week.  Several months ago I suffered a knee injury while running so I’ve cut back and recently started running a bit more.  Let me tell you something — your strength training has made all the difference!  I feel that it’s  strengthening the muscles supporting my knee and I am not having the knee pain i once was — winning!!  Also, I had NO upper body strength to speak of..now I see muscles! This is so exciting to me.  I maybe 53 years old but it’s never too late to get strong!  You have made me excited to get my strength training on; I look forward to working out with weights now.  Amazing!  Thanks for developing such a great program.”- Shannon


“Hey Chrissy!  I just wanted to share this with you- I got my body scanned (inBody) as my gym the day I started #PowerConditioning.  It’s not as accurate as a DexaScan, but it’s pretty ok and it’s free 🙂  Anyway, today I’m starting week 5 (loving it BTW) and got scanned again.  I’m up 1.8 pounds of muscle and down 1.3%body fat.  I’d like to say I dialed in my diet too these past 4 weeks, but…it’s summer.  #Roseallday.  So I give you full credit!  Here’s to 8 more weeks- thanks!!”- Jess


“Just finished PC and loved it! Best thing about PC was that the accessory work was new every week.  So it never got old or boring.  I PR’d my DL, bench, and squat.  Numbers are not huge, but huge breakthroughs for me!  I had always been “afraid” to DL more than 165 or squat more than 135.  I think the rep scheme (going down to 3 reps then 2 reps) helped me break through those mental barriers.  I got up to 190 DL, 155 BS, and 100 bench press.  And I’m thinking of restarting PC after some rest to see if I can get those numbers even higher! Thanks for the awesome programming!”- Lynn


“What I loved about #PowerConditioning was over the course of 10 weeks I was able to build my strength back up and then on weeks 11 and 12 go for some numbers I hadn’t hit in quite some time. I really focused on the strength aspect but love that it includes complexes and 10 minute conditioning, if I feel like  getting in a quick and dirty workout!! Thanks for your great work on this program!!” – Kristi


“I LOVED power conditioning!! I would definitely do another program like it again!! I liked the format with super sets and tri-sets, as well as the format for the lifts and how they progressed. I started out using an ez bar and moved on to the squat rack and bench press which is when I started seeing results; I also noticed I got stronger when I started doing the barbell complexes that included a push-press. I started our squatting 40lbs with the ez bar and ended with 95lbs; bench press started out at 30lbs with the ez bar and ended with 65lbs with the barbell; and my dead lift started out at 70lbs with the ez bar and ended at 110lbs with the barbell.” – Angela


‘I will admit right off the start that I didn’t complete the entire program this go around. I finished 8 weeks but because of some travelling and other things, I decided to stop there. However, I did find it to be a very comprehensive program. I liked the focus on the squat, deadlift and bench press, but that there was also such a wide variety of movements within each workout.  Even though I only finished 8 weeks, I gained about 20 pounds on the 3 main lifts.” – Christa

“Thank you so much for #PowerConditioning.  I am a notorious program-hopper that can’t seem to stick with one program for more than a few weeks.  I get bored, see something shiny, and wander off.  #PowerConditioning is literally the first program in years that I’ve done from start to finish.  The variety of exercises held my interest but the consistency of progression delivered results.  Weights that I was struggling with at the beginning are easy now, and I’ve gotten leaner and tighter overall.  #PowerConditioning got me a bit leaner and a lot stronger without changing my diet.  I’m actually considering going through it again, and I’ve never done the same program twice!!  Thanks so much!” -Emily


“#PowerConditioning is a great program for beginner powerlifters or anyone who wants to get stronger. The workouts were challenging and the conditioning was always quick and fun! And Chrissy is there to guide you along the way with any questions or concerns. This is definitely a program that can help you take your strength andconditioning to the next level!”- Allie   “The barbell complexes have been my favorite from the start. I was afraid I would have trouble with them since I’m limited to one barbell and had to keep the weight low for my weakest lift, but it worked out just fine. I really needed to work on my conditioning and the barbell complexes and short conditioning workouts put me to the test! I feel like my conditioning has improved over the course of the program. I’m able to get through the workouts with shorter and fewer breaks between sets and I feel like I have a little gas left in the tank when I’m done. Those conditioning workouts are deceptive! They look fairly easy but wow 😳 I enjoyed the program and it showed me what I really need to work on to get my fitness game stronger. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it all!”  – Heather


“I did the circuit yesterday before I did my leg routine. Given the exercises I thought it’d be a piece of cake. I was actually tired. Not muscle fatigued, but tired as if I ran a mile. I was able to get through the circuit 5.75 times. When the timer went off, I did the last exercise for 6 complete circuits. Having the timer was nice because i actually wanted to quit after the 4th time, but I pushed myself to go until the timer went off. I look forward to next weeks circuit.”- Sonia


“Feedback on the first workout- first impression is I am sitting here soaking wet with my DB and KB’s. This was a good workout I felt in control but it was definitely effective. I might add that I am new to strength condition and lifting. I have always done cardio. The second workout with my weights was pretty good but the first one produced much more intensity for me. It could be that I didn’t lift heavy weights. I had 10 pound plates on each side. I am in and will keep working! Thanks for sending the info and you can count me in.” – Ty


“Did this workout this morning…and WHEW!  I’ve just come off a mostly powerlifting focused program with some stepper intervals thrown in.  I looked at this workout and was like, psh I got this.  I did the first round at a weight I thought I could handle, but quickly dropped down for rounds 2-4. *laugh/cry emoji* It was killer in the best way.  Love the simplicity.  Super stoked about this program.” – Julie


“I did the 8 week shortened version of #PowerConditioning and added 5 pounds to my squat, 10 pounds to my deadlift, and lost 4 pounds on the scale. My abs got flatter, my butt got rounder and my arms got more defined. Can’t wait to try the full 12 weeks!!” – Emily


Questions? Email me!

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