#BarbellBadass is a 9-week barbell training program designed to help you get stronger, add muscle, improve your lifting skills, and feel like a total badass in the gym — all in 45 minutes per session.


#PowerConditioning is my signature 12 week powerlifting and conditioning program designed to help you get strong AF and conditioned AF while taking your lifting to the next level.

I took Chrissy King’s Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals and it was fantastic and I want to recommend it for all wellness professionals. In the 20 years I’ve been working in the public health and wellness space, your course is probably on the most important ones I’ve ever taken. I truly mean that. I can’t wait to take your D&I course next – Jaunessa

Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals: How to Show up Better Replay

101 Crash Course covering anti-racism practices for wellness professionals. This course is an introduction to examining racism and implicit bias in your life as well as actionable steps to hold yourself and the wellness industry accountable for making it a space that demands justice for ALL bodies.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity for Wellness Professionals: Going Beyond Racism Replay

So I’ve decided to make anti-racism a core part of my practice, what’s next? We hear the words diversity and inclusion used quite frequently these days in the wellness industry. While they are often paired together and often used interchangeably, they are two very different things. After this course, you will understand the difference well and more importantly, you will understand the how and why.

Inclusion isn’t a buzzword or a business strategy, it takes real work, a commitment to change, and a willingness to cede power.  This course is going to teach how to do the work of creating diversity and inclusion in your wellness practice in real and meaningful ways. 

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