so effin grateful…..

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’m sitting here reflecting on the last few days I’ve had and let me tell you, I’m so freaking grateful.  I had the opportunity to spend an amazing weekend in Austin, Texas.  Let me take a moment to say this…I … Continued

HIIT for the win!!

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If you have read my story then you know I love strength training, and I focus on Powerlifting.  Cardio isn’t and never has been my favorite things to do but it does have positive effects on cardiovascular health and can helpful … Continued

Let’s talk fat loss!

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There are many times of the year where you hear people wanting to focus on fat loss.  Of course, there always the New Years’ Resolutions in January but another really popular time is spring because people want to shred a … Continued

3 Ways to Get Back on Track

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Have you ever felt like you have fallen completely off track?  And you don’t even know when or how it happened.  It could be in regards to anything….your nutrition, your fitness routine, a relationship perhaps.  It can leave you feeling completely … Continued

Small Changes=Big Results

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  “What you do everyday matters more than what you do every once in a while.” Consistency is one of the fundamental keys to success in any venture or goal you may have. It’s easy to decide you are going … Continued

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